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1 week ago
Eels Mistakes of My Youth video music

Eels - Mistakes of My Youth

Nostalgic song and video for the new Eels song… We all made mistakes when younger. I think every mistake helps build the person we become so no regrets… And I love Eels, this song is really lovely… Can’t wait for their new album due in april the 22nd!

Eels official website

1 month ago
Dtwice Night Shield Alternative Version video music

Dtwice - Night Shield (Alternative Version)

Dtwice is used to these alternative versions of his songs. Night Shield original version is on the band’s EP, which goes by the name ‘Night Shield' ;)

Dtwice official website

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1 month ago
Exsonvaldes L'aerotrain music video live

Exsonvaldes - L’Aérotrain

Exsonvaldes is a band I really like because they play good music and they seem to be really nice, down to earth and close their fans people. This is a live version of L’Aérotrain for Sofar. Spanish people, good news: Exsonvaldes will play some shows in your country!

Exsonvaldes official website

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2 months ago
Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again video music Anton Corbijn

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again

Today is gonna be a Depeche Mode here. I attended recently one of their concerts and I wish I’ll be like them when I am their age! Never Let Me Down Again is one taken from Music For The Masses and is now The must-play live song! The Anton Corbijn video is beautiful and funny.

Depeche Mode official website

2 months ago
Blood Red Shoes An Animal video music

Blood Red Shoes - An Animal

Taken from Blood Red Shoes's forthcoming new album, An Animal is an other example of that duo’s great energy!

Blood Red Shoes official website

3 months ago
Mo Waste Of Time video music

MØ - Waste Of Time

Still following the Scandinavian new sounds… Well is not new, but she is part of those people who remind us how good they are in music up there in the cold!

MØ @ Facebook

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3 months ago
Jake Downs Crave music video

Jake Downs - Crave

Beautiful, gracious video for a gorgeous song by British newcomer Jake Downs. He’s got an amazing voice and his music is sooo melodic. Keep an eye on that fellow!!

Jake Downs @ Facebook

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3 months ago
Paul Thomas Saunders Good Women video music

Paul Thomas Saunders - Good Women

Beautifuk title track for Paul Thomas Saunders' new EP due in january, the 26th. Can't wait!

Paul Thomas Saunders official website

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3 months ago
Syron Colour Me In video music

Syron - Colour Me In

The kind of video you have to make to be noticed… But no problem for me as the music is good, but forget about indie, folk and think “synth pop”. Syron is recording some new material.

Syron official website

3 months ago
Christine & the Queens The Loving Cup video music

Christine & the Queens - The Loving Cup

Electro-pop, but also kinda indie, with great vocals. I really like the universe of Christine & the Queens !

Christine & the Queens @ Facebook