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1 day ago
Metric Youth Without Youth acoustic music video

Metric - Youth Without Youth

Acoustic version of that tune which is on the last Metric album to date., Synthetica. I really like when the band play acoustic. It’s the same songs… but with a different vibe…

Metric official website

1 week ago
deco pilote hold your fire pop music video
Deco Pilot - Hold Your Fire

Deco Pilot - Hold Your Fire

The international band based in sunny Spain released an EP. They even shot a video for Hold Your Fire. Summer vibes :-)

Deco Piloy official website

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1 month ago
James Yorkston Great Ghosts video music

James Yorkston - Great Ghosts

Lovely vdieo forthe very nice James Yorkston's Great Ghosts. The tune is taken from his The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society album.

James Yorkston

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1 month ago
Dark Horses Live On Hunger video music

Dark Horses - Live On Hunger

Great new video for Dark Horses. The band will open for The Dandy Warhols on their UK tour. Their second album, Hail Lucid State, is due in august the 28th.

Dark Horses offical website

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1 month ago
Brian Matthew Hadsell Feel The Same music bandcamp

Brian Matthew Hadsell - Feel The Same

Brian is a singer/songwriter from San Francisco and his music has a very intimate sound which I really enjoy. Also buy his music because he gives part of his revenues to ADHD/Heart Disease research and education.

Brian Matthew Hadsell @ Bandcamp

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1 month ago
The Kut No Trace video music

The Kut - No Trace

Nice to hear some rock music by a female band. The British band The Kut will release their first album next august.

The Kut @ Facebook

1 month ago
Princess Neverlook music soundcloud

Princess - Neverlook

Princess is a Dublin band and they are about to release their second single to date, Neverlook. Give it a listen!

Princess @ Facebook

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1 month ago
The Antlers Hotel video music

The Antlers - Hotel

I like the intimate mood of that new Antlers video. Hotel is taken from their Familiars album.

The Antlers official website

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2 months ago
Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again video music live

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (live in Paris)

Can’t get enough of the energy of that song especially in her live version. “See the stars they’re shining bright, everything’s alright tonight"…

Depeche Mode official website

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3 months ago
Empires How Good Does It Feel music video rock indie

Empires - How Good Does It Feel

How Good Does It Feel is the mail title of the new Empires EP due in june. The band supports Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s tour in the US.

Empires official website